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A Simple & Affordable Quoting Solution for the T-Shirt Printing  Industry
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Ms. Tee's
Shop Manager
Quick & Easy 10 Step Set Up    Preloaded with over 1000 Products         Customizable Pricing
Customer Invoices In PDF format for Easy Emailing          Edit Products Easily            Customize your Look
Start Giving Accurate Quotes Now!
Need a Complete Shop

Look no further than Ms. Tee's Shop Manager!
This program is a perfect fit for any size business.

Give Instant Quotes on all your custom printed products and More!

Complete all of your daily task from Tee Zone Control Panel.
Give Quotes, Create Invoices, Look -up customers, track job
orders, Ship Packages, Create Labels, Search your design library,
Run Your  Design Programs from the control Panel, & More
Complete Quotes and Invoices
in just 60 seconds
Shop Management, Quoting &
Invoice Solutions
for the Custom Apparel Decorating Industry
Desktop & Mobile solutions
No Subscriptions! No Monthly Fees
Quick & Easy 10 Step Set Up    Preloaded with over 1000 Products         Customizable
Ms. Tee's Instant GO Quoter
Ms. Tee's
T-Shirt Calculator v12
A Simple Quoting & Invoicing system for small businesses

  • Preloaded with over 1000 Blank Products
  • Easily Edit Products and Mark up %
  •  Price Screen Printed  & Other Jobs Accurately
  • Instantly save invoices to pdf format for emailing
60 second Quoting & Invoicing
Our Products are created to work with Microsoft Excel
versions 2010 - 2016 . This allows the user to add on to the
product and really customize the application for his/her use.
Give Instant Quotes on the Go
from any mobile phone

Ms. Tee's Html GO Quoter is the perfect solution for quick quotes on
the go!

  • Quotes up to 4 print locations and 8 colors per location.
  • Pre -Loaded with 25 products , you can add as many as you like
  • Instant Quotes on the GO!
  • Email Quotes to clients instantly
  • Works on any Mobile Device with Browser
Coming Soon this will be AVAILABLE on or before 9/6/2016
System Requirements: Must have Microsoft Excel 2010 -2016
& Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
GET IT 50% 0FF
THRU 9/7/2016
This is a custom product that is
made to order
Video coming soon!